Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I won the Couch Kimchi Contest + The Golden Rope Updates O.o

This post is super late! I should have informed you guys sooner because I found out the result last October 19, and today is November 2 already! Hihi! So for those who don't know, I joined this Couch Kimchi Synopsis Writing last October 12 and the results were released last October 19. Luckily, my entry got the first prize! (Whoa!)

I wasn't expecting to win but I admit that I was hoping! I want to get the prize which is Heartstrings Photo Essay. Actually, I have a lot of fun while writing my entry for 20 minutes! I guess cramming is really my thing! Haha ^^ I have friends of mine who told me before that my pieces are better when I'm writing under pressure.

Here are screen captures from the results of Couch Kimchi ^^ (If you want to read the actual post and all the entries, visit this : CK's Special Giveaway Contest Result)

So I guess, after reading it, you now know what J.M. stand for :p To tell you guys the truth, the story of The Golden Rope is always there in my mind. I mean, I stitched the plot in my head but I never had the opportunity before to pen it down in a piece of paper until I joined the contest of Couch Kimchi. In 20 minutes, I look for words to narrate my synopsis in a 15-sentence limit. At first, I don't know where to start and how to write it! It's been stuck in my head for so long that I can't find words to tell the whole story.

But fortunately I still made it and I'm very happy that those who have read my synopsis appreciated it! The readers are even asking me to continue it and make it a fanfiction. Before, I don't have any plans to write it up but after receiving positive comments about The Golden Rope, I decided to make it a whole story with chapters and lines. So I'm hoping that my followers will read and support my first ever fanfiction!

Positive feed backs and nice words can really make one inspired! Because of these comments, my spirits are lifted up! THANK YOU SO MUCH for these compliments! ^^ It means a lot to me!

I'm planning to start Chapter One of The Golden Rope this week, so STAY TUNED!!! :p




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