Saturday, October 15, 2011

Entry to Couchkimchi Synopsis Writing Contest O.o

October 12 - Last Wednesday, after I watched the live stream of Man Of Honor (Glorious Jane) on KBS, I decided to check out some blogs that I follow and then I landed to couchkimchi. While scanning the home section of this blog site, I read an announcement on top right corner of the blog about it's first anniversary and as a special treat to the readers, it launched a giveaway contest.


The Special Giveaway Contest is simple. Well, those who want to join just have to do it online by submitting an entry. Here's the Rules :


It's quite easy, right? You just have to create your own synopsis consisting of 15 sentences or less only. So, I decided to join! I'm hesitant at first because it was actually the last day of the contest and I thought that it already ended but I looked again and found out that the deadline of submission of entries will officially closed at noon, US Pacific Standard Time, which means I can still participate because it was still morning that time I read it.

For 20 minutes, I constructed my own synopsis proposal, including the actors I would want to be on the cast. The result of the contest will be announced this coming Monday, October 17. The prize is not actually money but it's still something to win for especially if you're K-drama fan girl.

THE CHOICES FOR THE PRIZE : Plaid Satchel by PG Beauty or You've Fallen For Me Photo essay

Before they come up with these two, they held a prize giveaway poll first to know what the readers want. But the outcome of the poll came down to these two items. So they're gonna leave it up to the winner to decide which one she/he wants. If I'm going to win this, I would choose the You've Fallen For Me Photo Essay. It's not because I'm a fan of this drama but just because I can buy bags with the style I want anywhere here in Denver but that photo essay is definitely hard to find here. Haha! ^^

For those interested to know what I wrote and submitted as my official entry to the contest, here it is . .  . (It's not the actual piece because some of the words and lines here are omitted to make up the 15-sentence limit.)


CAST : Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung and Choi Seung Hyun (TOP/Bigbang)

Today is their engagement party, calm and cool, SHIN SE KYUNG enters the hotel room of YOO AH IN who's half naked in the bed sleeping with another woman. She's aware of his cheating acts but doesn't care at all because what she has in mind now is that, she needs to follow his father's order to marry him whatever it takes. Without getting mad or hurt, she asks him to dress up to prepare for the engagement party and mentions that never bring trash again inside their hotel referring to the girl he's with.

Shin Se Kyung is the only daughter of a rich family who owns the largest hotel in South Korea but her father wants a son as a successor. Because of that, she was raised by her strict father to be perfect in everything and even arranged her marriage to the only son (Yoo Ah In) of her father's business partner. But her classmate, the son of their driver, Choi Seung Hyun is also in love with her.

While Se Kyung is doing her best in everything to get her father's love and approval, Ah In is intentionally messing everything up in his life in order to have revenge towards his father, who's continuously having an affair with different women ever since he's a little kid.

Their first encounter starts in a sports day during grade school when Se Kyung holds the end of a rope without knowing that Ah In is on the other end too, holding it firmly just like her. She remembers her grandmother's story about the golden rope of love that says that even before a person is born, each one of us is already holding an end of an invisible rope connecting it to one's other fated half who's also holding the other end of the rope. Since then, she promises to herself that Ah In would be the first and last guy she will ever love.

From grade school to high school, Se Kyung, the first honor in class, is like a shadow always following  Ah In wherever he goes, doing his homeworks and helping him sneak into sticky situations. Because of him, she's ignoring and not bothering herself to know the real identity of his secret admirer who's always leaving love letters in her locker every Friday. But everything changes when she accidentally hears him telling his friends that he's not interested with a girl like her always following him around. The truth is, he's hiding his feelings for her and he hates that he sees Se Kyung in her mom loving and caring his cheating father even if she knows that he's not faithful to her. Hurt and dejected, she vows that she will never fall for him again.

But is it true that she no longer loves him or is she just covering her heart with a stone face? Now that Seung Hyun comes back to her life as a successful prosecutor who's determined to pursue her, will she cancels the wedding for him or go on the way everything is planned?


So that's it! Hehe . . I hope I win! This is the first ever writing contest I joined online so I wish for a good outcome. But even if I don't win, it's still okay because I had fun while writing my entry. ^^

OCTOBER 17 is also my sister's birthday! I hope it will be a lucky day! :)


  1. I submitted an entry too. It was so much fun. I'm so excited to read the entries. Your drama actually seems like it could be made into a drama. Mine would be funny, but I doubt it's something that would actually get solid ratings if it weren't for the cast members.

  2. MADDINO- Hello! Wow! Thank you for reading my entry and for visiting my blog :) I'm an avid reader of your maddino asylum. I love your recaps! ^^ Waah! I wanna read your entry too! I wish couchkimchi would post all the entries :) That would be really awesome!

  3. I feel like some kind of celebrity or something. Hehe. After the winner is posted I'll post it my blog, if they don't post all of the ideas. I try to visit the blogs of all people who write comments on my site. Thanks for enjoying my site.

  4. OMG i missed it! its already 18 T_T

    by the way, i wish u best of luck joanna! ;D

  5. hope you'll continue to write this in fanfic. I'm really looking forward to the sequel! I'm so happy reading it and it's like watching a real drama :)

    BTW, a late congrats for you winning! you deserve it ;)




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