Thursday, April 12, 2012

MIN-MIN Couple : Candid Romance Captured Behind The Scenes


To say that I vastly miss my real life OTP is an understatement. I miss this couple big time, I'm planning to watch City Hunter again for the umpteenth time. Just last week, fandoms went wild again when the issue about Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young's reconciliation broke out like a plague in every Korean entertainment news sites. And guess what? Purplelee got infected and died! Hihi! My fellow Min-Min shippers don't need to invent stories just to ignite some fire out of our sizzling one true pair. No, we don't need to exhaust ourselves digging news about these two because the Korean media is there to do the honor for us. Real or reel, one thing is for sure, there's still smoke steaming out from Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young's oozing romance. The fever is still on!


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