Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drama : Trick or Treat

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN" to everyone!!! Especially to my followers who keep on visiting my purple blog! Because it's Halloween today, a related thought suddenly pops in my head. Instead of telling scary stories about ghost and other creepy creatures, why not identify those currently-airing dramas and tell whether those are treats or tricks to us?


Yes! You read it right! Drama can be a treat or a trick! Just like those children on the streets, knocking their neighbors' doors, they are visiting different houses to get some treats like candies and chocolates. And when the door opens, the kids are anticipating to have some sweet goodies but what if the owner gives them nothing? No candies! No chocolates! Or anything sweet! The kids will be disappointed and hope that they shouldn't knock this house in the first place. This instance is quite the same in watching dramas. Viewers like us, try to start a series holding the hope that it would be a great treat that will give us pleasure and entertainment that we are craving for. But sometimes, we got nothing but a draggy story and a silly plot. In other words, they tricked us! They made us believe that they are going to give us something sweet when in fact, they got nothing but a waste pumpkin!

Treat dramas are the ones that make our eyes full with sugar-coated scenes, cheesy lines, honeyed interactions and  sweet surprises. Remember that sometimes, there are some treat dramas that are sweet-in-disguise. These are covered with thick layers of coating and nuts. At first, the texture looks rough and hard but when you continue eating it, every bite has the taste of heaven. You just need to take your time and savor every bit of it. Just like in dramas, romantic comedies are not the only good ones. Have a bite of dramas with action premise, melo-drama theme, and serious elements, because these are only outside ingredients. Keep on eating and you'll taste the sweet fillings inside.

While treat dramas are sweet and delicious in the eyes, trick dramas are tasteless! You taste nothing because in the first place, there's nothing to taste. It's like opening a colorful and decorated empty wrapper. It's mouth-watery on the outside but disappointing in the inside.

So, what are the currently-airing dramas that treat or trick me? Check my list below ^^ (I chose the dramas in the present because my list will be so long if I used all the old dramas that I watched before.)

1. IN TIME WITH YOU - If you're an avid reader of my blog, I'm sure you already know how much I love this Taiwanese series and you won't be surprise to know what my verdict is because you know it already! The complicated love life of best friends got my sweetest tooth! It's the drama that I want to eat every minute! [VERDICT : TREAT]

2. RING RING BELL - On a serious note, I'm not sure where the story is heading to! There's a lot of random things happening in the plot. But I still have the faith because the leads are finger-licking good. I just hope the taste gets better sooner! Oh! Please! I don't want to drop you so you better work on your ingredients! [VERDICT : TREAT]

3. MAN OF HONOR - The taste keeps on getting better every episode. I'm happy that the love triangle looks promising! The oppa thing tickles me the most! "Oppa, oppa, oppa!" It would be cute to hear Jae In calling Young Kwang that magical word with a n irresistible aegyo! Aigoo! Hihi ^^ [VERDICT : TREAT]
4. HIGH KICK 3 - Before I started it, I was like a little kid not sure whether I'll get a candy or nothing. But to my surprise, it's not only candy that I got, there's chocolates, bubble gum and a lot more! It's actually a sweet feast! [VERDICT : TREAT]
5. A THOUSAND DAY PROMISE - The drama is not bad but I just don't like what I am tasting right now. I guess, it's not for my taste-buds! Too much angst sometimes makes me feel like I want to throw up! Or maybe because I've had enough of "forgotten stuff". Now, I also want to forget this in my watch-list! [VERDICT : TRICK]

6. OJAKGYO BROTHERS - Surprises are exciting and amazing! It makes you want to jump, scream or fly! I'm tasting enough sweet in this and so far, I'm contented but then, it shocked me with love confessions I didn't see coming! [VERDICT : TREAT]
7. VAMPIRE PROSECUTOR & DEEP-ROOTED TREE - These dramas are not as sweets as the other dramas are and I'm quite informed that there's no way it will be cheesy or fluffy (though I have tiny hopes for V.P. Who knows?). But I still watch these because story-wise, it will keep you biting your lips. [VERDICT : TREATS]

8. POSEIDON - I was very excited at first for this drama but it fell short as I started it. An action-freak like me can't tolerate the loose writing of this series. It's a shame that they don't spend enough budget for the cases and action stunts! Though I enjoy the main couple, the progress of the romance is till slow. [VERDICT : TRICK]

Don't forget to share your own list of dramas and identify whether it treats or tricks you ^^ Oppose my verdicts if you don't agree with me! Let your voice be heard in this Special Halloween post!

~ O.o ~

UPDATE : There are two new flower series in K-dramaland. One is Jung Il-Woo's Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and the other is Me Too, I'm a Flower of Yoon Shi Yoon. I don't have any plans to watch the latter (I don't like Lee Jin Ah!) but I'm waiting for the subbed videos of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop! I have a great feeling that the former would be sweet! Ayeeeeeeeee ^^ The boys of Ramyun Shop are pure eye-candies!



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