Girl Behind The Wall

An Asian drama hermit, movie geek, anime/manga freak, book cuddler, Kpopper, eye-candy gusher, Downton Abbey devotee and Cinderella wannabee. All rolled into one.

This blog is a public diary that essentially features about the twists and turns of my existence as an ordinary girl and the guiltless pleasures I succumb from the things and creatures I fancy in life as an extraordinary fan.

Born and raised from the Philippines, I am a 22-year old socially-stiff wallflower who is currently living in the States. Most of my hobbies involve sitting on the couch, crawling in bed, talking to the moon and day-dreaming on a rainy day. I am single (never been kissed! never been touched) and a proud booster of SSB (Single Since Birth) Club. Why? Because I'm saving myself from all the heartaches and dramas! Nah, Just kidding! I'm waiting for my soulmate, yah know . . . my one great love . . . Haha.. It's totally fine because single-hood is super awesome, really, trust me! As in . . super . . . awesome. . . Do I sound convincing? Hihihi. Besides, I am perpetually in a serious relationship with my laptop and passionately committed to my obsessions so I have no time to spare for love.

Randomly, I love rice, caramel, watermelon, ramen, pepper, seafood, iced coffee, big shirts, skinny jeans, flat shoes, body bags, shoujo manga, rainy days, British period dramas, Greek mythology, History, EXO, Attack on Titan's Mikasa, Angel Locsin, Jennifer Lawrence, Park Min Young and Kim Chui. I hate cats, bullies, martyrs, noble idiots, heavy traffic, ampalaya, and Mathematics. All in all, I am a just a opinionated introvert who always stays in my comfort zone. I focus more on loving than hating. I believe that doing what makes me happy is more important than doing what other people think is agreeable. After all, it's my life! As long as I'm not hurting myself nor the people around me, I believe everything will work out well in the end.

Armed with my lousy English skill, fueled by my moody writing flair and inspired by my silly fangirl devotion, I decided to launch steps and embark on a journey in the field of blogging without shouldering the bag of other people's critical opinion. I don't expect my readers to render me nods of appreciation. I even welcome raised-eyebrows and cold shoulders. I created this blog simply because I want to own a personal wall where I can just be utterly crazy and brutally honest about my stories. Shutting off what others might think, say or throw to me and just be cheeky and say, "Hey! This is my blog so I'll write whatever I want, whenever I want"

It's hard when your lips want to utter a word but no one around you has the suitable pair of ears to listen to your thoughts. Keeping the craziness within makes me implode. In fact, I always do. Shouting without creating a sound, squealing while wearing a stone-face in front of a crowd, jumping without moving ; This is me every time I have no choice but to hold back the inner fangirl in me. So this blog is more than just a place to rant and rave. This is my baby, my public diary, my virtual buddy, the bridge that connects me to different people from all walks of life around the globe whom I share the same passion and obsession with.


This is me every time I am in front of a hearty meal!
(THE INSPIRATION : KIM SAM SOON from My Name is Kim Sam Soon)
This is me every time I see my crushes on screen.
(THE INSPIRATION : SUNG SHI WON from Answer Me, 1997)
This is me every night.
(THE INSPIRATION : GO DOK MI from Flower Boy Next Door)
This is me every weekends.


Birthdate : September 11, 1992
Hometown : Bulacan, Philippines
Current City : Colorado, U.S.A
Languages : Filipino, English, Basic Korean
Email-add :


I am an Asian drama hermit who dedicates most of my available time worshipping and devouring the delectables in an immaculate haven called dramaland. You can trap me at home all day just watching Asian dramas and I would never be bored nor tired. From well-rounded, deeply moving Korean shows, to animatedly eccentric, eye-catching Japanese dramas, to aggressively romantic, goof-inducing Taiwanese series, to action-packed, exquisitely compelling Chinese wuxia, to  over-the-top plotted, emotionally frustrating Thai lakorns, to absurdly formulated, crowd pleasing Filipino teleseryes ; name it! I sure have my own favorites!

I am a movie geek who would rather devote my nights with the company of an entertaining movie, popcorn and icy-cold Mountain Dew than go out and party until I get wasted. (But don't get the wrong idea, I am absolutely not anti-social.) I don't see myself as a picky-watcher, considering my flexible taste. I view different kinds of genres as long as the movie has a decent story line enough to burn my two hours. Most of the time, the line-up of the cast and my mood influence my film viewing. Action is my cup of tea and war concept is like cherry on top of my dessert. High-budgeted effects, explosive stunts,  action-packed combats, finest martial art routines ; any movies brimmed with guys, gore and guns - I'll be on-board whatever they are! With the exclusion of Thai suspenseful films, I am not really into ghost/horror themes not because I'm a scaredy-cat but because making me scream out of fear is a taxing job so to avoid disappointment, I critically choose the horror movies that I watch. Romance and comedy always tickle my soft spot, mixing these two elements together in the silver screen will surely sell like hot pancakes to me. I am sentimental at heart so inspiring-melo-drama will be never be outdated in my  list.


I am an anime/manga freak who believes that there is a little kid in every one of us. Personally, I am a kid at heart so making me watch/read anime/manga is like asking me to eat ice cream. The experience is always delightful, enjoyable and easy whatever the flavor is.

I am a book cuddler who nestles in the arms of compelling novels with colorful stories and varying genres. I am a reader who is fervently obsessed over The Twilight Saga and its immensely stupid vampire love story. (Luckily, I got over it, partly maybe. The intensity of my addiction now stays at calm level. Haha.. Hey! Don't mock me for being a Twi-hard!) I am a reader who idolizes the forever kick-ass Katniss Everdeen from the enormously gripping The Hunger Games.

I am a reader who is irrevocably in love with Jane Austens's Pride and Prejudice and its to-die-for hero, Mr. Darcy. I am a reader who strangely never got hooked with the widely-famous Harry Potter novels. I am reader who sends my heart out to Nicholas Sparks's cliche-filled, tear-jerkingly effective romantic novels. I am a reader who's got my heart broken and mended at the same time upon turning the pages of The Fault in Our Stars. I am a reader who follows her curiosity and stumbles across the hauntingly erotic, sweetly disturbing Fifty Shades of Grey out on a whim. I am a reader who's drowning in fascination that is By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept. I am reader who gets moved by the emotionally-uplifting Letters to Sam. I am a reader who vastly enjoys the sugar-coated Sundays at Tiffany's. I am a reader who meditates through the pages of The Purpose Driven Life and The Secret. I am a reader who strongly admires Veronica Roth for being so fabulously young and successful as the author of Divergent series. Lastly, I am reader who should not start talking about my books because it is hard to stop.

I am a music lover who incredibly depends and effectively utilizes headphones as my convenient social-escape-tool. There are days when I don't feel to play the part of a social butterfly, so to avoid unnecessary interactions, I listen to music with my ears intimately close to my headphones and pretend that I don't hear anything from the outside world. I am a listener who has the song If I Fell in Love by The Beatles as my official phone ringtone. I am a listener who treats the music of the epic duo, The Carpenters  as the soundtrack of my youth. I am a listener who finds metallic rock music annoying but deeply appreciates the sound of One Ok Rock (an awesome Japanese rock band), Simple Plan, Paramore, Linkin Park and Maroon 5. I am a listener who blindly loves Taylor Swiftno matter how messy and scandalous her love life turns. I am a listener who is proud of her penchant for K-pop music (Woohoo! Go EXO! Chanyeol Forever and Always! Suju! CNBlue! 2PM! B1A4! IU! TOP!). Aside from the gorgeous visuals, flashy costumes, synchronized moves and bombastic performances on-stage, it is the immensely absorbing-stick-to-the-ear melodies of the songs that converts me into a huge fan of the genre. It is true that I don't fully understand the message but I thoroughly feel the emotion of the songs. Also, nothing beats the official sound track of Asian dramas in my heart. I consider them my comfort music that calm my nerves whenever needed. I am a listener who admires Sarah Geronimo and her strong musical prowess, Christian Bautista and his put-me-to-sleep voice, Yeng Constantino and her delightful song-making talent and Parokya ni Edgar and their wildly funny yet profoundly moving love songs.

I am an eye-candy gusher who voraciously feasts on unbearably delicious good-looking boys. Yum! (Ahem . . . Park Chanyeol, Okada Masaki, Song Joong Ki, Won Bin, Joo Won, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Je Hoon, Kim Bum, Im Joo Wan, So Ji Sub, Vic Zhou, Joe Cheng, Bolin Chen, Godfrey Gao, Sato Takeru, Mukai Osamu, Enrique Gil, Tom Cruise, Channing Tatum, Chris Pine, Christian Bale, Logan Lerman, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, Douglas Booth, Andrew Garfield and Chace Crawford. (Looking for a 1D member here? Sorry, Not a Fan!) Spotting a cutie pie? It's a fun exercise of stretching your hearts's arrow and aiming it at your target's heart ogling, gushing, squealing and giggling all rolled into one activity.

I am a Downton Abbey devotee who can watch all the episodes of this incredibly enchanting, visually breathtaking, sweepingly romantic British drama in one-sitting every single day, and then do it all over again for the next lifetime to come. Oh show, I do love you so terribly much. THE END.

Mary and Matthew Crawley
Downton Abbey ended here, in this season, in this enchanting moment.

I am a Cinderella wannabee (in flat shoes, rubber shoes, leather boots but absolutely not in glass shoes. Sorry! I made an oath not to wear high heels as much as possible) who dreams to be swept off my feet by my own version of Prince Charming. I still have faith that true love exists in my generation. I'll wait for you, my one-true-eternal love! Yikes! Haha.. 

"You are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, the conversations you engage in. You are what you take from these. You are the sound of the ocean, the breath of fresh air, the brightest light and the darkest corner.

You are a collective of every experience you have had in your life. You are very single second of every single day. So drown yourself in a sea of knowledge and existence. Let the words run through your veins and let the colors fill your mind until there is nothing left to do but explode. There are no wrong answers. Inspiration is everything. Sit back, relax, and take it all in. Now, go out and create something."

- Jac Vanek

Show the world what you've become! ;)


  1. I just came across your blog, and it put such a smile on my face :) I'm much older, but you totally sound like the inner fan girl in me :) Keep up the awesome work!

    - SimSimani

  2. @SimSimani- Hello! Thank you for dropping by in my blog :) I'm glad you like it!

  3. ang cool :D keep it up!:)

  4. Cool! We share almost the same things!
    But I'm much younger than you. I'm 16. :)
    I like stuffed toys and Taiwanese dramas, though.
    But I really love your page!
    Hope we could be friends. :>
    Ugh. I wanna meet you in person. :)

  5. Hi, So recently I saw some of your comments to a few blogs and thought wow I totally agree with almost everything this girl has written lol so instantly I had to go check out your own blog and I must say so glad I did! I started a blog purely for a place where people can come look at reviews on any Asian drama before they began to watch it. I have hopes that one day I will have more then a ton of people speaking their own mind about any particular drama and writing a review up on my blog. Honestly, my writing skill is no where near yours and other bloggers I have met. LOL thats why my blog is PURLY a FANTICE POINT of view drama reviews tee hee. Anyways I have ranted on what to much and will now stop. Before I go would like to say "Great Blog" you have going on here. :). If you ever have time stop by my blog and give me ANY opinion and pointers you have (im pretty sure I'll need it lol)

    1. Hello Coco ^^

      Thank you for visiting my blog! I already checked out yours and it was good!!! I also found out that May is one of your readers. Keep on writing! Let's spread the love for Asian dramas around the globe :)

  6. hello, just dropped by your blog when i was searching about hyun bin... :P I'm also a fan girl, who loves everything Korean, am a Filipino, a bookwork if not watching korean dramas, am studying korean language, and also LOVES purple and seung gi oppa.. :) I've bookmarked your blog, saw that we have quite a few similar interests... :) It's nice to see someone who has the same interests as yourself, and I felt a little giddy all over when i saw this blog.. (not to mention this is pleasure to my eyes because i love the purple and black combination.. hihi).. hope we can be friends, i still can't get over the fact that there's someone who has almost the same interests as me (although i'm more of a VIP than an Elf, but that's okay, i have nothing against suju... they're a great group with great talents too.. ^^) so yeah, nice meeting you... Sana mas maging magkakilala pa tayo.. hihih.. :)

    1. oh yeah, one more thing, i also am an aspiring blogger but due to the little time i have because of my work, i only have time on microblogging like tumblr.. I sometimes post blog thoughts but that is only if i have a ton of thoughts in my mind and a handful of free time (which is seldom... i'd rather watch dramas than post a lengthy blog.. haha).. so i admire people like you who have time to post blogs... :) hope you still continue to post more blogs, and advanced congratulations on the first year of your blog.. :)

    2. Hello Aui!

      (Can I call you Ate Aui? Hehe . . .) Wow! Thank you so much for the lengthy comment. This made my day. I truly appreciate it when readers delurk on my blog and left wonderful comments such as yours. It's nice to know that we have a lot in common and we're both Pinay!. Now I feel like I'm more normal! LOL! :D Hehe . . I'd love to be your friend too.

      Thank you again for visiting my blog. Your message encourages me to write more!

  7. Hahaha.. No problem you can call me Ate Aui, or Aui Unnie, hahaha.. :P
    "I feel like I'm more normal!" You can say that again! :P haha... Yes it's truly an exciting moment when you find someone who would understand your interests.. ^^, anyways, goodluck again! :) looking forward to your posts...

  8. Hello from Canada :)
    I pressed your link from the viki homepage for "Feast of the Gods". It has been my obsession lately because I find that recent dramas lack in so much more compared to the classics. Your blog is simply a bundle of fun to read because of your expressive use of words. Keep it up, hwaiting !

    1. Weee! A delurker from Canada!

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. You don't have an idea how happy I am when visitors leave a comment in my corner. I really appreciate it! Glad to know that we share the same love for Feast Of The Gods. ^^ By the way, who do you ship? JAE HA OR DO YOON?

  9. your blog is so nice.. keep in touch with it.
    you have potentials..

    :D janezki

    1. Aww. Thank you Janezki. You put a smile on my face by leaving this comment here. Come again! ^^

  10. Hey PurpleLee

    Happy anniversary! It is today right? =.=;; I remember I read it somewhere.

    Well, all the best anyways,
    From the staff at Chienna.

  11. Wow, your blog is amazing, I clicked on your site to view wedding photos from the tv series "In Time With You" so thank you. My favorite is purple as well....

  12. Thanks for making this blog and sharing things you find interesting... I don't know why and its past midnight now but I'm here enjoying your blog.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. i was looking for new asian movies to watch, and then i saw your page. and it looks like were on the same movie playlist or something.:)) just the movie's and few dramas.

    uhm. do you know any new movie i can watch? a jap or k movie perhaps. aside from those movies posted here ba. :)
    the movie doesnt have to be newly released or something

    your page is amazing. :)

  15. I have no idea how I ended up in your blog, but dayum, after reading all your drama reviews, and facts about you, I just want to say that I think I found my twin. O.o. HAHAHA. This might be all freaky creepy, but hit me up when you want to talk about dramas! (visit my blog and just "ask") Hahaha. Well then.

  16. Hi! Long time no blog? Why?

  17. Hello! I'm a Filipino too! I'm greatly moved by your posts 'ate'. :) Your wall is amazing! I CAN DEEPLY RELATE! Actually, I want to see a post relating to MinHo-Suzy relationship.. I honestly want to know your reaction... You haven't updated your blog yet eh?




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