Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My stand on Lee Min Ho-Park Min Young dating news ♥

When fantasy turns to reality . . . MIN-MIN IS REAL!!! ^^


A shocking news yesterday came out when Dispatch, a media outlet released photos of LEE MIN HO and PARK MIN YOUNG on exact location and time which look like the two were out on a date together.

The two stars who paired-up in a recently-concluded action drama, City Hunter are now declared "dating"  by both of their agencies. When the news was first broke out in public, it instantly became a trending topic in almost every Korean entertainment and fan forum sites. Minutes later, Lee Min Ho's agency, (StarHaus Entertainment) released a statement denying the news while King Kong Entertainment, Park Min Young's agency stand on the dating issue by not denying it. The two agencies seem to have a miscommunication in giving contrary statements which make the people more confused about the real deal of the two celebrities.

Again, after a short while, StarHaus Ent. released another statement finally confirming the dating status of the two stars. A representative from Lee Min Ho's agency stated that there must have been some misunderstandings circling around the news. They were simply cautious about how some media outlets were using the term "deeply in love" to define their relationship.

"Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young known each other for a while, and they were able to draw strength from each other during their long recordings for 'City Hunter'. It is true that these two have developed warm feelings for one another."

After their drama ended, the two showed interest to one another. They go out for coffee and have frequent meetings. It was reported that after Min Young's arrival in Korea last August 5, from her photoshoot in Hawaii, she and Min Ho met! Before he headed to L.A., they met! And after his arrival from L.A., they met again!

(IN-DEPTH REPORT from Kpopfever)
It’s been about a month since the characters’ ‘Lee Yoonsung‘ and ‘Kim Nana‘ love story has tied the two actors together. The beginning goes back a month prior to the end of the drama. The two had feelings for one another during the filming and when the drama ended, the two started missing one another. The two started seeing each other in their busy schedules and have become lovers.

The scene observed by Dispatch was very down-to-earth. The two met at a drink hole located in Chungdamdong. This was on the 5th, right after Park Min Young had arrived from Hawaii from her photoshoot.
Both actors are quite famous overseas and therefore they both have lots of international schedules. The two seem to plan their dates right before leaving to their overseas’ assignments and right after coming back from them.
It was the same deal when Lee Min Ho had left on the 8th for his international assignment as well. The two met on the 7th, a day before leaving for his 10 day assignment. When Lee Min Ho arrived on the 17th, the two met up on the same day and dated driving around in his car after buying two take-out coffees.

The two haven’t been caught sooner because they were very cautious about the way they went about their dates. First, the pub they frequented has many personal rooms that are there to accommodate customers who seek more privacy. The view from the outside is completely obstructed. They also came and went separately. They dated a lot in their cars. When they purchased coffees only one of them came out of the car.
An industry insider who knows the two well has stated, “The two were reluctant to disclose their relationship. It’s only natural that they wanted to be cautious. However, it goes against their personalities to date in hiding. They invited friends and associates when they were meeting in open public spaces.
The insider continued, “Their relationship blossomed because of the drama. They started dating about a month ago, but they had feelings for one another during the filming of the drama. The two spent many sleepless nights on the set because they played the main characters and they were involved in many scenes. Naturally, they got to have many conversations during the breaks and during standby periods and they got to know one another very well”.
Lee Min Ho’s charismatic personality seemed to please Park Min young. During their dates Lee Min Ho was seen escorting her everywhere. Another close insider stated, “Lee Min Ho has quite a leadership quality in him. He has a way of being a leader of the people. But Park Min Young is a sweet soul. She couldn’t help but fall in love with him”.

Their agencies are taking the more cautious stance on this. Lee Min Ho's agency, Star Haus representative stated, "The two are getting to know one another after the drama had ended. However, we do not know how far their relationship has advanced."

Park Min Young's agency, King Kong Entertainment official stated, "We are aware the two have feelings for one another. We believe she's getting to know the real Lee Min Ho and not the actor. But we should always be cautious about a relationship between a man and a woman. Also, the agency cannot know everything about the actor's personal life."

MY WISH GOT GRANTED!!! As a MIN-MIN shipper, I'm really happy about this dating news of the two stars. They are perfect for each other! I'm overjoyed to see LEE MIN HO & PARK MIN YOUNG going out on dates. From fantasy to reality, love blossom in their hearts.

LEE MIN HO is one of my Korean all-time crushes, from head to toe, everything about this guy is perfect. He's like a living statue in my eyes, with his tall physique, sharp nose and amazing facial features, the very sight of him is heaven. (Haha! I'm a true blue fan girl of him!) But it doesn't mean that I don't want him to have a girlfriend in real life because as much as I want him for myself (which is impossible), I also want this precious guy to be happy and be in love even if it's with someone else. 

I'm not like the other fangirls who are shallow-minded, overly-protective, possessive and self-centered who feel like they own Lee Min Ho by their selves. It's acceptable to feel sad and somehow broken-hearted for a short while but overdoing it by means of saying rude comments, back-biting the actress, wishing them to break-up and boycotting their projects are not reasonable! (Well, of course, it's the fans' rights and choices to do or say whatever they want but still, it appears like they are not "real-fans" because they can't support their idols love-life.) Let's face it! Lee Min Ho has his own life! He has the right to date anyone he likes. As a fan, we should not get mad at him or to the girl that he's dating because of our petty fantasies. (Reality bites! Yikes! Hehe..)

Is is a mortal sin for actors to fall in love? They may be celebrities but let's keep in mind that just like us, they're humans too who have their own personal and private lives to take care. Because of some "rabid fans" who can't accept that their idols have special someone, they're not aware that due to their inappropriate actions, their idols are having a hard time to love freely and proudly.

The first time I've watched Park Min Young was in the sageuk-drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I never know her until I got hooked and addicted in that period series of hers with JYJ's Yoochun, Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki. My first reaction was, "Whoa! this girl has a gorgeous body!" (LOL! Haha :p most of her photo-shoots are sexy!)

I started to like her after I've seen her KIM YOON SHIK role where in she played a cross-dressing character that pretended to be a guy. She's really pretty and she looks so nice in all her t.v. interviews. One thing I've observed about her is that, she's a cheerful person, she's always smiling, laughing and joking around which I really like about her. She seems so sweet on-and off-cam.

Because of my increasing fondness of her, I had a wishful thought before! I wished she would pair-up with LEE MIN HO! And voila!!! it suddenly happened. When the rumor of her getting cast as LMH's leading lady in City Hunter first came out, I was the happiest fan-girl on Earth! (Haha! Exaggerated me!) Seriously! I'm not kidding! Even before CH started filming, I had the thought in my head that it would be perfect if PMY will act as LMH's ladylove in that series. So when it got confirmed that she will play the role of LMH's love interest, I'm extremely happy because it felt like my intuition came true.

Watching City Hunter with my matching couple was like a dream to me! Every moments of them together made me smile unknowingly and giggle like a little girl. But it never crossed my mind that these two lovable creatures will have something special behind the camera. I never thought that the strong chemistry on-cam will be the same off-cam.

It's true that it's not the first time something like this happened in Korean national T.V. There's a lot of celebrity couples who became real ones after they worked in dramas. But these two well-known and young stars being included in that list is really surprising. Who would have ever thought that LEE MIN HO, with all the fame and fortune he's experiencing will risk his career with this single but shocking dating announcement with PARK MIN YOUNG.

In a country like South Korea, it's a given fact that the fans are not just ordinary fans but die-hard, over-protective, jealous and crazy ones who would do anything for their idols. It's a huge move on LMH's part because of his continuously rising popularity in Asia. On the other hand, PMY also has a big challenge to take on. She has an upcoming drama in KBS called Man of Honor (Glorious Jane) which might get affected whether negatively or positively because of this dating issue.

I really hope that the fans in South Korea will not go on boycott for her latest drama. (Please! *putakhamnida*) But so far, there's no harsh acts on the part of LMH's fans. Instead, when the news of them dating broke out, netizens are giving the two their warm congratulations. I read some comments from different Korean entertainment news sites and majority of the people there show their happiness by giving their blessings and complimentary words for the new couple. (Those who accept and happy about the news are the coolest fans!!! Yeah! We rock cause' we're not frivolous, sensitive and selfish. ^_^)

I really hope and pray that this couple will lasts forever. I want MIN-MIN to follow the footsteps of Creating Destiny's main leads, Eugene and Ki Tae Young who dated and got married after they worked in a drama. I don't want them to end-up in the same path that World's Within couple, (Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin) lead on. The two decided to split-up after two years of dating because of too much pressure they had to take due to their relationship getting too much attention from the public.

I know it's too early to say this because the couple is still on the premature stage of dating but still, I want to share my wishes to everyone. I want LEE MIN HO & PARK MIN YOUNG to get engaged, be a husband and wife to each other, have babies who look exactly like them and lived happily ever after. (Haha! Who doesn't like HAPPY ENDING??? :D)

I believe that LEE MIN HO & PARK MIN YOUNG are both LUCKY to have each other!!! 
It's a WIN-WIN situation for MIN-MIN ♥ ♥ ♥


(turn the cc button for subtitles) ^^

[Source : Dispatch via Nate]


  1. i love them too! get a life haters i'm so happy for them <3

    1. Yay! Totally agree with you! HATERS BE DAMNED!!!

  2. Hi there, im a fans from Philippines.. I love MinMin Couple.. Any news to them plz? Is the relationship going strong? or They broke up?

    1. They are still dating!!! To get updates about this lovely couple, always visit this blog dedicated for MIN-MIN :


  3. Hi there, im superfun from Philippines.. I love Min-Min couple.

    1. Hello Kababayan! I'm originally from the PHILIPPINES too! FIGHTING MIN-MIN!!!

  4. Im really super fun of Min-Min couple, wish all the best in their relationship.. i hope that they were be tied up together as Husband and wife..

    1. Yay! I'm glad that there are fans like you! Let's support MIN-MIN forever!!!

  5. Replies
    1. OH MY GOD! I'm sorry dear. I accidentally clicked the "remove content" :( By the way, thank you for the wonderful comment! :)

  6. that's really they broke up? I hope not!!!! MinMin forever

  7. i so love MinMin couple, but there are a lot of news telling that the two broke up and are not really lovers, just a fabricated story only. as a girl, i feel bad about it. why their agencies will make stories about them, just for popularity sake. both of them are already popular, no need for publicity. i just hope that they are really in love with each other.

  8. Oh My God,

    i Hope that there relationship will last forever
    MinMin FOREVER

  9. is there new updates of their relationship?
    i am one of the many fans of this couple too. i hope that break up issue is not true. please update me on this. best wishes for the couple

  10. love it super...........




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