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Love Journey with Robi Domingo : The Confession of a Fangirl O.o

It was love at first sight! I felt the sparks as I saw him from a distance. He doesn't know me or even aware that I exist in this world but I know a lot of things about him. He can't see me but I always watch him. We're miles apart but I'm always updated about him. For three long years I kept him in my heart, the apple in my eye, the guy that made me smile and electrify.


HIS NAME IS ROBI DOMINGO (Robert Marion Eusebio Domingo)

MY INSPIRATION, MY FIRST LOVE, MY IMAGINARY BOYFRIEND! He was the ideal man that influenced my mood, caused my sleepless nights and made my heart skips a beat.

March 23, 2008 - I can still remember the first time I saw him in television, it was Easter Sunday, I was watching tv with my relatives. He joined in a reality contest called PBB : Pinoy Big Brother (Teen Edition Plus). I always watch PBB because it's one of my favorite programs in abs-cbn. Every season of PBB is always full of twists and memorable housemates but Robi is one of a kind. He is not just a housemate but someone who left a big mark in my head and impact in my heart.


"MR. PERFECT" - Robi is known to be a responsible boy who can do a lot of things. He was introduced as a nice guy who excels in school but is flat short in wooing girls. A bring-home-to-mama-kind-of dude, that is ROBI! He is someone that you can be proud of to be your boyfriend not just because he's intelligent and rich but also because he has a golden heart, a true blue role model for the youth.

I was still in high school the first time that I saw him. The day after I watched him on the national television as a housemate in PBB, I talked about him the whole day in school. My girl classmates shared the same thoughts about him. We all agreed that Robi is a perfect guy! A rare type of guy! Robi became my no.1 choice to be the big winner in the contest since then. During our breaks, my friends and I would have conversations about PBB and Robi is always the protagonist of my stories!

I'm an avid-viewer of PBB but not to the point that I will send messages to the program to show my support to the housemates until Robi entered in my life. I always consumed lots of loads just to send words of encouragement for Robi. And during those times that he was included in the list of nominated housemates for eviction, I used all my money to have cellphone loads just to vote and save him from the eviction. My world revolved around him during PBB : Teen Edition Plus days. My family, friends, classmates and even neighbors are all aware that I'm a die-hard fan of him. I even pray for him every night during those days! That's how much I like him! I put him in the highest pedestal in my heart that no other guy can replace his spot. Robi won the second place in PBB Teen Edition Plus but I still believe that he should be the BIG WINNER! He deserves it the most! Everytime I remember that big night, I can't help but feel bitter because I can't accept the fact that he lost to Ejay Falcon. I  saved money for the loads just so I can vote for him nonstop but in the end, Robi still didn't got the Big Winner title on his belt. I hated PBB because of the big night result. I felt like they manipulated the text votes so that EJAY "FAIL" FALCON can win. (Meh! Is PBB a charity thing? Are the poor the only ones deserve to win? HELL NO!)

After PBB, Robi achieved a lot of things in his life. He became an actor, MYX veejay, endorser, model, youth spokesperson, and now a part of PBB itself as the newest host of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited together with Toni Gonzaga and Bianca Gonzales.

THE PBB UNLIMITED HOSTS (Robi, Toni and Bianca)

May 5, 2010 - I jumped, blushed, giggled and squealed with all my might! Why? Because ROBI himself mentioned my name and read my text message for him in MYX Daily Top Ten. I felt like I was in cloud nine during that moment. I watched that day's episode twice! The first one was in the morning and the other one was during the replay in the afternoon.

December 23, 2010 - One of the greatest things happened to me. I met ROBI in person when I watched Shoutout as part of the live audience. My shout out experience is the day that I will never ever forget! I was with my friends and niece when that special event in my life took place. It was like a dream come true for me. The moment I saw him, I felt like there was a spotlight facing the two of us, time stopped and it was like we were the only ones in the world. No one was there, no one was watching, only ROBI and me!


Robi and I share the same birth month. Yes! September 11 is my birthday while his is September 27 (Super meant to be! Haha) He loves baseball and so do I. It was my PE when I was in first year college in UST.

In more than three years, I always watch every single show that has Robi in it. Whether it's a series, movie, variety program, music show, or commercial. I also purchased every magazines and reading materials that has something to do with him. I can still remember what I did back in high school. I was in the library with my classmates when I saw an article about him in the newspaper. I want to have and keep the part of him in the  entertainment section so badly but I know I can't because it's forbidden to take the newspaper out. It's the library's property and they wouldn't allow anyone to take it home and keep it. So guess what I did! Without the librarian's knowledge and presence, I stole the entertainment section that has the article about Robi and keep it in my notebook. I didn't have a choice because there was no way that I can buy a copy of that newspaper because it was already in the afternoon and my class will end in 6 pm. (Don't worry, it's not the whole newspaper because it will be obvious! Hihi) For the first time in my life, I did a crime and that is stealing! My classmates who were with me actually helped me to do it and after that, we all laughed so hard and they all said that I was a crazy girl!

Even now that I no longer live in the Philippines, I still love ROBI DOMINGO! He played a big part in my teenage life. I will always remember him as the guy who made my heart flutter during my high school days. Because of him, high school became memorable and the best for me!

In my nineteen years of existence, I never had a boyfriend. And if ever I will have in the future, I want him to be a ROBI DOMINGO version 2.0. A total carbon copy of him is the best choice! Because I love every single thing about this boy. Three years had already passed but ROBI is still in my heart. He is the man of my dreams, my ideal man, the guy I will never get over with.


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