Thursday, February 23, 2012

Park Min Young's Roman Holiday and The Significance of The Trip to her Love Life

Europe is the best place for people in love! Whether there is real meat behind the split-up issue or just purely fabricated flesh to manipulate Lee Min Ho's rabid fans, I don't care at all. I believe what I want to believe. I see things through the filter of my own interpretation and what carry weight to me the most is, Park Min Young unnie is having a great and glamorous time wandering the streets of Italy while licking ice-cream.

After four years of straight appearances in dramas, Park Min Young finally had her well-deserved long vacation and she decided to spend it in the most romantic continent in the world, Europe. If your heart is currently grieving because of a break-up, I guess this is not the perfect place for you to heal your wounds because Europe is known to be a certified destination spot for couples. But I guess, this is not the case for Minyoungie. And that makes me wonder if she is really free of love. Forget Rome's picturesque views and unnie's elegant look in the pictures, instead fix your eyes directly to her finger.

Check out the ring!!!

Minyoung unnie is still wearing her scandalous white ring that caused chaos among fans before because of the speculation that it was a couple ring given by Lee Min Ho. Park Min Young started to wear this specific ring during City Hunter days and since then, she was always spotted sporting the same ring on her finger in different occasions like in Glory Jane press-conference, Compagna event and Face Shop autograph signing that took place last August 7, 2011 when she and Mr. Lee were already an item.

There are fans who choose to believe that the ring is nothing but an accessory but I refuse to buy that excuse. Because if that ring is just merely a jewelry and there's nothing special about it, why will she wear it for almost all the time on different events? I believe to Aytan's reasonable explanation. She stated (and I quote) that "logically I think that she wouldn’t insist on wearing the same scandalous ring (be it from a girl-friend or a boyfriend) without some hidden meaning . . . I mean she probably has dozens of other rings and accessories . . .  So why still wearing a ring that once was and again can be regarded as a couple ring .  . . if only it's not a couple ring."

As for me, I really got her point and I accepted it fully. And for you, just like what Ms. Leslie said on Min-Min Couple's Blog, "take your pick!"

On the other note, Minyoung's Agency (Kingkong Entertainment), said that they received a lot of casting offers but since Park Min Young has gone the last four years without a proper break, they decided to accommodate her wishes and give her as much time off as she wanted.

Before she took her private vacation to Italy, Minyoung also visited her family in U.S. and stayed there for a while. To make the fangirl in me squealed with delight, Lee Min Ho also headed to the States days before Valentines to do his Eider photoshoot. (As a faithful shipper, my imagination ran wild!)

In her Italy trip, Minyoungie also wind up in Uffizi Art Gallery and here below is a snap of her holding an Uffizi magazine taken from her twitter account.

According to her agency, Park Min Young is set to start her activities on February 27. It was confirmed that she will be an endorser for TONGYI (a fruit beverage) together with Jang Geun Suk.

FUN FACT : This is totally out of the blue but I just want to note what HeartMinMin pointed out. She refreshed my mind by stating that in one of the scenes from City Hunter, Lee Min Ho was watching Roman Holiday on television and Park Min Young tweeted "Roman Holiday" on her Italy vacation.

If you want to know more about this "Roman Holiday" thing of the two, get enlighten and go visit Min-Min Couple's Blog on wordpress.


  1. yeah i do believe that the two still remains an item... im sooooo happy about it coz im a minmin fan

  2. I remember vividly in one of her older interviews that she was so happy to be busy since she went through a period when she couldn't find work. The fact that she is taking a 3-month break right now got me thinking : why? Break up? I don't think she's the type who will wallow in sadness after a break up. I actually think the opposite, she'll take up so many projects so she is too busy to be sad/be reminded of the breakup.

    I was 80% buying the breakup when it happened- mostly because I was glad MY finally free from Minho's insane fandom (and I was rooting for Yoo Ah In LOL)- but now I'm actually starting to believe that they are actually still dating. Whatever it is, I'm with her and support her 100%.




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