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Star Spotlight : Lee Won Geun

LEE WON GEUN : The younger "WOON"


Where is this angel-looking-guy came from?

In a faraway land, there's a girl who fell deeply in love with a character from a manga. She wished that she could meet someone like him in the real world or maybe, she could enter the pages of the manga and meet the boy. One day, the manga fairy heard her prayers and turned the character into a real person. Aaaand voila . . Now we got LEE WON GEUN! Hihi . . . Sorry guys, my weird imagination just kicked in. I don't know why but he looks like a live-action version of a manga/anime hero to me.

Right now, I need to take a shot of insulin because any moment, I would collapse as my sugar level instantly reached the highest peak due to these photos of rookie actor, LEE WON GEUN from the hit sageuk-drama, The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Everyone is gushing about certified cuties Jung Il Woo and Kim Soo Hyun but I've been drooling over this eye-candy for weeks now.

Lee Won Geun as the teenage "Woon" won my heart. The Moon That Embraces The Sun is his first ever acting stint in a series but this newbie successfully left a mark in our hearts as he portrayed the younger version of the cold, silent and skillful swordsman, Kim Jae Woon. He only appeared one minute in the first episode but that was enough for him to catch the attention of the viewers locally and internationally. Among the other young actors (Lee Min Ho, Siwan and Yeo Jin Goo) in the drama, Lee Won Geun had the least number of screen time and lines but it didn't became a wall that block his way to be recognized. Instead, his quiet but killer charm created a bridge that made the fans more curious about his mysterious appeal. This pretty boy who is a year-older than me is part of the BH Entertainent (the same agency of Lee Byung Hun that manages the career of Han Hyo Joo, Go Soo, Han Chae Young and many more).

His milky white skin, exquisite features and heart-melting smile remind me of resident cutie Song Joong Ki. Standing 183 cm tall, Lee Won Geun can be Joong Ki's younger brother without others getting suspicious about it. These two actors share the same charming vibe and head-turner appeal that could melt the hearts of any girls.

To get know Lee Won Geun better, Korean media outlet Newsen, conducted an interview with him after he finished his filming in the series and here's a glimpse of the interview :

His impression in the shooting set : 

LWG : "When I receive the contract, I’m happy but a little bit nervous because I heard that there are some difficult person in the real shooting set. But it turned out that there’s only good people in The Moon That Embraces The Sun." 

"I had conversation with the director several times and he said that I’m the type of man who easily get depressed in new situations, so he encouraged me a lot. I really appreciated him. 

Inside the car, returning to home after shooting, my heart is a little bit complicated. After the filming ended , the PD (director) gave me a bundle of flowers and said 'You did a good job. This role couldn't be successful without you'. I wonder whetehr I could find these kind director, staff and senior actors again."

On his character Kim Jae Woon, the best swordsman, excellent in martial arts and cold quiet man : 

LWG : I feel that the character is similar to the real me, I’m calm and shy. When I meet new people, I would become the passive one. But unlike Kim Jae Woon, I’m not good at all in sports. I can not play football as good as in the drama and I gave the director a hard time during rehearsal for fighting scenes. Because the real me wouldn't win against a kid. I practiced the fighting scene everyday and thanked the director for sticking on me although I'm poort at physical work."

On his co-stars : 

LWG : "I’m shy so it’s difficult for me to adapt, moreover although I’m older than my co-stars, I’m the newest actor there. But my co-stars were very kind." 

Lee Min Ho taught me a lot like on how to set up a character and how much power I have to input for the drama. Yeo Jin Goo is still young but he's mature in acting and has he many experiences already that resulted to excellent performance. He also has good manners for older people."


Watch this video clip of his interview as he showcased his puppy eyes and shy persona on-screen. Yay! He's too cute that he could make my knees weak. Fortunately, I'm one year younger than him! Hihi ^^


WELCOME TO DRAMALAND, LEE WON GEUN! I hope for more projects to come your way! ^^ Keep on showering us with your overflowing cuteness!

[credit as tagged/ sources : photos - couchkimchi/ video - tessieroo/ interview translations : koreanvibe]


  1. he's very cute...I'm addicted to korean dramas especially this moonsun show. Btw, do u have filipino blood by any chance (just asked coz you have filipino shows on your list and even on your playlist).

    1. Yes dear! I'm a proud Filipina who's currently living in the States. Huhu! I badly miss our own homeland country, Philippines :) I am a certified KIM-XI follower too! What city do you live in the Philippines?

    2. I'm actually living in toronto, canada. I have to say I'm an "ate (unni)" to you coz am wayyy older than you are.. ^_^
      but it's nice to know someone from a neighbor country who likes korean and is interested in filipino movies and dramas. At least you haven't forgotten your roots. I really like your blog and the color is very appealing...suits your pen name too. :D - "ate raks"

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  3. he has cute eyes!I became his fan last week.
    did u see the music video of To No One But You? He just kissed the singer Jang Jae In ,obviously she had plastic surgery,her face looks strange!However Lee's still handsome and cute.
    Someone says he will starred in the MBC drama MOOSIN,I'm not sure about it ,but I hope he can starred in more dramas or movies.

  4. i absolutely agree with u.. he's so cuteeee ^_^

  5. hello. just wanted to say thank you for writing this article about him. i rarely find any good blog as detailed and picture-filled as yours, so thanks again esp. for providing gorgeous pics and video
    i`m a new fan of this kid and i adore him in moon embracing the sun. he`s perfect along with song jae rim as portraying the king`s most loyal guard & friend.

    x fimo, a grateful filipina fan

  6. Do u have the full trans of this interview? ㅋㅋ
    Do I sound demanding.. I'm sorry ><
    great to know u're Pinay :D ♥

    Won Geun has won my heaet too. He's my ultimate actor crush rn ;;♥;;

  7. OMG! He also won my heart at first glance during The Moon that Embraces the Sun. :) And I'm so glad that he is the partner of Seohyun in the upcoming drama Passionate Love. He gets to kiss Seobaby. keke I hope he would have more acting stints in the future. :) Proud Pinay here too :)

  8. I become one of his fans now since his acting in Passionate love..he is so handsome and charming in the drama..sad he only act for a few episodes tho =(..and i did not notice he was in the moon that embracing the sun, but when i recall it could I missed his presence there..Love him and seohyun together too in passionate love..hahaa..they match together =).




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